Our School

Welcome to Beile Training School, China's leading English training institute for young learners. Established in 2008, we are community of avid educators dedicated to the advancement of global competitiveness through our immersive curriculum. At present, Beile has over thirty directly managed centers located in the metropolitan areas of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and several franchise locations all over China. Our students enjoy a premium learning experience with our advanced and innovative teaching philosophy and wonderful teachers. Traditional American kindergarten (ages 2-5) and elementary school (ages 6-12) curriculum is at the heart of our educational structure. We focus on engaging foreign teachers, skilled research and development teams, and complete education oversight to deliver an exceptional learning journey for the students. Beile Training School is a caring and professional organization, offering a unique opportunity to live abroad and experience Chinese culture. Start your journey with us today!

Our Locations

Our Goals

Our products and services are driven by a passion for the effective teaching of English using critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We seek learners that value education and are actively engaged in improving their lives.

We work together with the education community to enrich the lives of our students by teaching them a global mindset.

Our Students

  • We serve bright children aged 3-12

    On your first day working at Beile, you can expect to meet kind, hard-working children from kindergartens and elementary schools all over your city. Our award-winning, critically-acclaimed curriculum is truly one of a kind as it engages creative thinking and critical analysis. Classroom time is focused on inspiring public speaking and team collaboration. You will use interactive whiteboards and games to effectively teach and help them retain knowledge. Be prepared to inspire, perspire, and bring your international perspective to the classroom in one of our neighborhood centers.

  • We have over one million students

    Currently, Beile Training School boasts over 80 branches all over China,with 30+ direct managed branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. This allows us to serve some 60,000 families on a daily basis! We strategically locate our centers in the metropolitan areas to give our teachers the benefits of living in a big city and servicing our clients in diverse communities. The Beile name brings in hundreds of students yearly, eagerly joining to improve their communication skills and become global citizens.

Our Work Environment

Beile Training School is keen on creating a pleasant work environment for employees, providing a great salary, incentivizing benefits, and a proper work-life balance. You will be provided with a work space in the office and management who can help you acquire the tools you need to create a successful, fun class for your students. You will work alongside dedicated local Chinese teachers and teachers from different countries that look to excel and provide a meaningful English learning experience for their students.

Our Teachers

At Beile, we aspire to be your family away from home. We provide a plethora of team-building activities every month, like karaoke, outdoor teambuilding games, group dinners, and more! You will make strong friendships with your coworkers and quickly acclimate to the lifestyle in China. Take a look at the experience of Cody, a teacher from America working in Beijing. Enjoy!

Our Hiring Process

We are looking to hire hard working, passionate world explorers looking to make a difference. If you can easily adapt to new cultures and experiences, this is the job for you! We’ll even provide you with your TEFL! If you are looking to make a career change, we are interested in helping facilitate that dream. If your background is already in teaching, and you want some more experience abroad working with an amazing curriculum, Beile is the place for you!

After you send in your application, an HR team member will reach out for a request for interview. If you’re hired, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to be a legal teacher working in China. No tricks, no hassle; we’ll be there to help you with your travel plans and get you properly settled in your city!

Beile Training School is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by employees on glassdoor.com
CONTACT:Beijing HQ: (+86) 10-64907990 ext. 8040 Email: hr3@beile.com